Felix Morrow

Revolution and Counter Revolution in Spain

Source: Revolution and Counter Revolution in Spain, by Felix Morrow, published by New Park Publications Limited, 186a Clapham High Street, London, SW11, England, 1963. Printed in Great Britain by Plough Press Ltd., Clapham, London.
First Published: 1938.
Transcription: Ted Crawford.
Proofreader: Einde O’Callaghan (August 2015).

Bibliographical Note

This book was first published in 1938 by Pioneer in the United States. An expanded edition which contained Morrow’s much shorter Civil War in Spain pamphlet was published in the United States by Pathfinder Press in 1974 with a new index and copies may still be available from them. Note the reference to Civil War in Spain by Morrow in Note 1 of Chapter 2 The Bourgeois ‘Allies’ in the People’s Front.

The text of the following book is that of the second Edition of 1963 published by New Park Publications together with the introduction written at that date by the late Tom Kemp. At the time, and for some years afterwards, the Socialist Labour League in Britain, who controlled New Park, was politically allied with the Socialist Workers Party in the United States, who controlled Pioneer/Pathfinder. The type of this edition was reset with English spellings etc. and the book was given its own index. Since it is now out of print, Index Books, the successor to New Park Publications, is consequently delighted that this important text is available, if only on the web, as they have no plans to reprint it.

It has been transcribed by Ted Crawford in 2003 and any errors and omissions are his responsibility. Notes have been placed at the end of the chapters and numbered rather than placed at the bottom of the page and the very occasional typographical errors removed. Any notes added are clearly stated to have been done by him and signed ERC.


  1   Why the Fascists Revolted
  2   The Bourgeois ‘Allies’ in the Peoples Front
  3   The Revolution of July 19
  4   Towards a Coalition with the Bourgeoisie
  5   The Politics of the Spanish Working Class
  6   The Programme of the Caballero Coalition Government
  7   The Programme of the Catalan Government
  8   Revival of the Bourgeois State: September 1936–April 1931
  9   The Counter-Revolution and the Masses
10   The May Days: Barricades in Barcelona
11   The Dismissal of Largo Caballero
12   ‘El Gobierno de la Victoria’
13   The Conquest of Catalonia
14   The Conquest of Aragon
15   The Military Struggle under Giral, and Caballero
16   The Military Struggle under Negrin-Prieto
17   Only Two Roads
18   Postscript


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