J. T. Murphy

How to Fight the War Danger

Comintern Executive Meets in Moscow

Source: Workers’ Life, May 27, 1927
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Moscow, May 18

The Executive Committee of the Communist International begins its quarterly session here to-day. It is expected to last a few days.

The agenda is as follows:—(1) The War danger, (2) Problems of the Chinese Revolution, (3) The Sixth World Congress of the Communist International, (4) Other business.

“Pravda” writes, “The Plenum has opened at the most critical moment in recent history, when modern capitalism has openly raised the banner of Fascist reaction. The danger of war has already increased. But the Comintern will know how to deal with the question raised by history.”


May 19

Following the opening address by Bukharin, Comrades Kuusinen (secretariat), Bell (Great Britain) and Bernard (France), reported on the first item “The war danger and the struggle against it.” Discussion is proceeding.


Moscow, May 23

The plenary meeting of the E.C.C.I. has concluded discussion of the first item on the Agenda, “The War Danger and Measures to Fight It.” Following a reply to the discussion by Kuusinen, a resolution which he proposed was adopted.

This evening Bukharin delivered the report on the second question, “The Chinese Situation.” Discussion opens to-morrow.