A. Nin

The White Terror

The Dato Murder Trial

(7 June 1923)

From International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 41 [23], 7 June 1923, p. 400.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Of the 21 persons who were arrested as alleged principals or accessories in the assassination of Dato, the Spanish prime minister, 13 were recently released. Among these is the mother of Casanello and faithful friend of Luis Nicolaus, who was delivered into the hands of the Spanish executioners, with her husband, by the government of the social democrat Ebert. Almost all these comrades have been imprisoned for over two years. Even during this long time the judge of the court of inquiry has been unable to frame up any evidence against them. The long remand has obviously had the object of giving an appearance of justification to the continued imprisonment of a number of comrades whom a regular trial would immediately release. We may rejoice that justice has been done at last to these comrades, though too late. But let us not forget those who are still awaiting their trial in prison. These are Comrades Pedro Mateu, Lius Nicolaus. José Miranda, Veremundo, Luis Diez, Ignacio Dalgado, Mauro Bajatierra, Tomas de la Leare, and Adolfo Diaz. The attorney for the crown intends to demand a death sentence for Mateu and Nicolaus, and various punishments for the other accused. But no proof of their guilt exists. It may be that some of the accused have confessed to being guilty. But in Spain this does not signify much, for torture has been consistently applied there, especially during the last three years of violent reaction.

There is only one person responsible for Dato’s death. This is Ramon Casanello, at present a refugee in Moscow. He openly takes the whole responsibility upon himself. On his own initiative, without collaborators, this young workman from Barcelona revenged the thousands of arrested and deported comrades, the hundreds of murdered and martyred, who fell as victims under the dictatorship of the prime minister Dato. But Spanish reaction seeks for vengeance at any price. It does not ask if the guilt of the accused is established. What it wants is severe and terrifying sentences. The revolutionary Spanish comrades now carrying on an energetic campaign in favor of the accused are endeavoring to prevent this. But they will only succeed in accomplishing their object if they are supported by the solidarity of tne whole international proletariat.

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