Andrés Nin


Fascism in Argentina

(12 July 1923)

From International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 50 [29], 12 July 1923, p. 520.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Even in Argentina, which has only a weak workers’ movement, but which is all the more impulsive, there are signs that Fascism is increasing there. Already in the year 1919, the year of the memorable “bloody week”, the Argentine bourgeoisie began to organize, and created a national union of industry for the purpose of defense against the revolutionary danger.

Under threat of boycott, the employers great and small, landed proprietors and merchants were forced to join this union. Each member had to pay a high entrance fee besides the monthly contribution. From these resources there was created a resistance fund, which was to provide the bourgeoisie with means of defending itself against the attacks of the working class. At the same tune the employers were compelled not to sign any separate contracts with the workers or to settle any agreement without its having been ratified by the managing committee of the union. This union was powerfully supported by the clergy. The bourgeois youth were drilling in the church yards from morning till night and thus preparing to shoot down the workers. The Government was a pliable instrument in the hands of the union.

On the initiative of the national union there was also founded in 1919, the “League of Patriots” a decided white guard organization, having its divisions in every town of Argentina. In all the greater industrial centers every fourth man belongs to his special brigade of this league, which are systematically organizing police spy service within the workers’ organizations, and providing scabs in cases of strikes who proceed with violence against the workers’ leaders. The league pays special attention to training scabs and possesses also a school for propagandists. All members of the league possess permits to carry weapons. The Government grants full liberty to the rapacious actions of this league and guarantees it legal and financial support.

The “League of Patriots” has already left behind many bloody traces of its action. Many a workers champion has fallen into the hands of the members of this Fascist organization. Even arson is often committed by these lobbers. In January of this a group of members of the league seized the premises of we papermakers’ union at Buenos Aires and wounded a representative of the union.

In general the situation in Argentina is similar to that in Spain. If the proletarians who are eager for fight were well organized and well disciplined, the Fascist movement in Argentina would sot have the least hope of success. We, however, do not believe in the possibility of a great Fascist movement for the seizure power. The success of the Fascist movement in Argentina depends, in the first place, upon the success of Fascism in Europe, because Argentina is always immediately affected by events in Europe.

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