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Nikolai Osinsky

Nikolai Osinsky

(Valerian Valerianovich Obolensky)


He was a Bolshevik from 1907. After October Revolution, he became manager of the State Bank and first president of the Supreme Soviet of the National Economy. In 1918 he was a left Communist and in 1920-21 led the Group of Democratic Centralism. In 1923 he supported Trotsky. The following year he was appointed ambassador to Sweden. In 1937 he was arrested and appeared with Bukharin as a defendant in the 1938 show trial, dying in prison soon afterwards. He was rehabilitated in 1957.

On the Construction of Socialism, April 1918
Clear Answers, April 1918
Review: N Bukharin, The World Economy and Capitalism, an Economic Essay, April 1918
Our New Land Policy, 1922
Agrarian Relations in America (part 1), (part 2) 1926
Soviet Union Holds Second Place in World's Tractor Production, 1931
The Fourth Year of the Five-Year Plan, 1932
Progress of the Smelting Industry of the Soviet Union, 1934


Further reading

Editors of Kommunist Theses on the Current Situation, April 1918
Lenin's letters to Osinsky February 13, 1913; August 26, 1919; March 1, 1921; July 1921; September 14, 1921; December 1921; April 1, 1922; April 12, 1922; May 16, 1922
The Platform of the 46, Documents of the 1923 opposition


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