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John Pilger

(1939 - 2023)


1989: 'A sofisticated Chile'

2001: The war on terror: The other victims

2002: Not In Our Name

2002: The Great Charade

2003: America Needed 'A New Pearl Harbor'

2003: Lies, Damn Lies, and Terror Warnings

2003: Tony Blair Is A Coward

2003: What Now?

2003: Not One Illegal Warhead, Not One Drum of Chemicals, Not One Shred of Evidence

2003: Britain's Blair Peddles Banned Chemical Weapons

2003: The 'Supreme International Crime'

2003: What Good Friends Left Behind

2004: What They Don't Want You to Know

2004: Blair's Mass Deception

2004: Bush Or Kerry? The Danger Is the Same

2004: Supremacy Is the Essence of Americanism: Only the Veil Changes or Slip

2004: The Warlords of America

2004: Will There Be a War Against the World After November 2?

2004: Iraq: The Unthinkable Becomes Normal

2005: The Other Tsunami

2005: Our Children are Learning Lies

2005: The London Bombing: A Truth is Struggling to be Heard

2005: The Rise of the Democratic Police State

2005: News From Behind The Facade

2005: Sinister Events in a Cynical War

2007: The Liberal War on Democracy

2008: From Kennedy to Obama: Liberalism's Last Fling

2008: Obama, the Prince of Bait-and-Switch

2010: How the West Kidnapped Haiti

2010: Welcome to Orwell's World 2010

2010: Have a Nice World War, Folks

2011: The Son of Africa Claims a Continent's Crown Jewels

2013: The Real Invasion of Africa

2014: Injustice, Resistance Rising in India

2015: Julian Assange: The untold story of an epic struggle for justice

2015: From Pol Pot to ISIS: the Blood Never Dried

2016: A World War Has Begun

2016: The Rape of East Timor

2016: Get Ready for Another World War

2016: Provoking Nuclear War by Media

2017: Britain's "New Politics"

2017: Killing of History



1982: Ian Birchall The horror they left behind

2002: Simon Deville Meet the new boss


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