Georgi Plekhanov

On Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach ...


Originally published in 1892. [1]
This version from G. Plekhanov, Selected Philosophical works, Vol.1, Moscow n.d., pp.484-538.
Translated by R. Dixon.
Transcribed by Omar Pie & Robert Cymbala.
Corrected & marked by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.



1. Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy was first published in 1886 in Nos.4 and 5 of Die Neue Zeit. In 1888 Engels made minor changes while editing it and published it in the form of a small book with a foreword and Karl Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach as an appendix. The first Russian translation of Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach by Plekhanov was published in 1892 in Geneva by the Emancipation of Labour group in the series Library of Modern Socialism.

Plekhanov prefaced his translation with a short foreword From the Translator and wrote notes to it. In 1905 the second edition of Plekhanov’s translation of Ludwig Feuerbach was published by the Library of Scientific Socialism in Geneva and the translator wrote a long foreword to it introducing changes and additions in the notes.

Both versions of the notes are given in the present edition. The additions and changes made by Plekhanov in 1905 are given in square brackets. When the text of the first edition is replaced by a different one in the 1905 text, the 1892 version is given separately. Plekhanov’s foreword to the 1905 edition will be given in the third volume of Selected Philosophical Works.

Plekhanov’s notes are given according to the text of his Works (1923-1927) checked with the Geneva editions of 1892 and 1905 and with the manuscripts, which are preserved in Plekhanov House.

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