Henry Quelch Archive


1890 How I became a socialist : a series of biographical sketches / [by] Quelch, H. (Harry), 1858-1913 .

1893 Economics of Labour, a lecture / delivered by H. Quelch to the Economics Club of the Borough Polytechnic Institute, London / [by] Quelch, Harry, Twentieth Century Press, pp.16. republished 1908

1895 The Bimetallic Bubble, London Twentieth Century Press, pp.16, 1895 & 1896

1900 Social Democracy and the Armed Nation, Harry Quelch, Twentieth Century Press, 1900 & 1907. pp.16

1900 The Social-Democratic Federation: its objects, its principles, and its work / [by] Quelch, Harry, pp.13, Twentieth Century Press

1903 Liberalism and labour ... with an introduction by H. Quelch / [by] Bax, Ernest Belfort , et al. 1903 Twentieth Century Press

Liberalism & Labour, (articles from Reynolds Press), 19pp. [Check no. of Bax & Quelch pages]

* 1903 A New Catechism of Socialism, 44pp, with E. Belfort Bax, Twentieth Century Press, republished 1907, 1909. [Says in 1909 6th edition, 5th in 1907]

1905 Deputation of unemployed to the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P : report of the proceedings ... on Monday, November 6th, 1905 / Central Workers’ Committee on Unemployment, Harry Quelch, Trades and Labour Representation Committee, Poplar ... [et al.].

1907 Trade unionism, co-operation, and social democracy / [by] Quelch, Harry.

1909 The Social-Democratic Party: its objects, its principles, and its work. / [by] Quelch, Harry, pp. 13, Twentieth Century Press 1910 pp.15

1911 Social-democracy and industrial organisation / [by] Quelch, Harry. Twentieth Century Press, pp.16

1912 History of the London Transport Workers’ Strike, 1911. [With an introduction by H. Quelch.] / [by] Tillett, Benjamin ; Quelch, Harry.

1912 The case for state and municipal farming / by Richard Higgs ; with an introduction by H. Quelch, Twentieth Century Press, pp.15.

1913 The co-partnership snare / [by] Quelch, Harry. Twentieth Century Press, pp.16

1914 Harry Quelch: literary remains / edited with an biographical introduction by E. Belfort Bax. 1914 Grant Richards pp.256 [11 pages by Bax]


1897 Would universal teetotalism tend to lower wages, public debate on the above subject in the Corn Exchange, Lincoln, on Monday October 25th, 1897, between Mr. Henry Hibbert and Mr. Harry Quelch / [by] Hibbert, Henry ; Burns, John, 1858-1943 [former owner]; Quelch, Harry. pp.13

1899. Malthusianism v. Socialism. A debate between Mr. Arthur B. Moss ... and H. Quelch ... at Camberwell Hall, April 11th, / [by] Moss, Arthur B.; Quelch, Harry. 1905

1904 Liquor municipalisation: is it contrary to the objects and principles of socialism? : A verbatim report of a public debate between Mr. J.H. Roberts and Mr. H. Quelch / Revised by the debaters. pp.32

1905 Would universal total abstinence reduce wages? : a verbatim report of a public debate ... at Carlisle, on Tuesday, November 29th, 1904 / Harry Quelch and John H. Roberts. pp.36

1905 Socialism and the single tax; a debate between W.C. Wright and H. Quelch. / [by] Wright, W.C.; Quelch, Harry ; England. Twentieth Century Press, pp.16.

1905 Should the working class support the Liberal Party? Verbatim report of debate between Mr. Harry Quelch ... and Mr. Corrie Grant ... November 24th,. / [by] Quelch, Harry; Grant, Corrie. 1907 Twentieth Century Press. pp.29

1907 Is socialism advantageous to the individual? Report of a public debate ... between H. Quelch ... and C.H. Moore. / [by] Quelch, Harry; Moore, C.H. Twentieth Century Press, pp.29

1908 Tariff reform v. social-democracy; report of a public debate between A. Bigland and H. Quelch. / [by] Bigland, Alfred; Quelch, Harry. Twentieth Century Press, pp.23

1911 Is socialism impracticable?; report of a debate / Harry Quelch and John MacKinnon Robertson; with a foreword by H. Quelch. Twentieth Century Press, pp.20.


1900 The Poverty of Philosophy: being a translation of the Misère de la Philosophie (a reply to La Philosophie de la Misère of M. Proudhon) ... With a preface by Friedrich Engels. Translated by H. Quelch. / [by] Marx, Carl; Engels, Friedrich; Quelch, Harry. Twentieth Century Press

1905 Socialism and Political Parties, Twentieth Century Press, translation of Jaurès, pp.32