Marxist Writers: Harry Quelch


Harry Quelch

Harry Quelch



Biography by E. Belfort Bax

Obituary by E. Belfort Bax

Harry Quelch’s Literary Remains



The New International, July 1889

The Essential Difference between Anarchism and Social Democracy, October 1897

Home Rule and Rome Rule, 1902

Liberalism & Labour, (Introduction) 1903

Liberalism & Labour, (II) 1903

A New Catechism of Socialism, 1903

The Yellow Danger, 1904

The Rout of Revisionism, 1905

Socialism, Patriotism and Militarism, 1905

Socialism and Militarism, 1905

Army Reform, 1905

“Votes for Women”, 1906

Social-Democracy and the Armed Nation, 1907

Socialism and Parliamentarism, 1907

Reform and Revolution, 1907

Monarchy and Debt, 1907

Socialism, Militarism and Mr. Haldane’s Scheme, 1907

Social Democracy, Nationalism and Imperialism, 1907

Socialism and Sex Relations, 1907

The Socialist International and the British Trade Unions, 1907

Socialism and Soldiering, 1907

Socialism and Temperance Reform, 1908

Social-Democracy and Political Action, 1908

Boots or Beer, 1908

My Mission to Germany, 1908

Nuremberg and Newcastle, 1908

The Future of the Labour Party, 1908

The Co-Partnership Fraud, 1908

Anglo-German Relations and the Duty of Social Democrats, 1909

Parliamentarism, Anti-Militarism and Direct Action, 1909

Socialism and Taxation, 1909

The Election and its Lessons, 1910

The Present Position of the Socialist Movement in England , 1910

Social Democracy and Industrial Organisation, 1910

Socialist Politics and Trade Unionism, 1910

Social-Democracy and Ladies’ Suffrage, 1910

The Prevention of Destitution, 1910

The European War Cloud, 1910

The Copenhagen Congress, 1910

The Election and its Lessons, 1910

The Labour Party’s Surrender, 1910

Representation and Referendum, 1911

The Folly of War and the Possibilities and Perils of Peace, 1911

Peace and Its Perils, 1911 (Reply to A. A. Watts)

Peace and its Perils, January 1912

Socialism and the Coal Strike, March 1912

Riot and Revolution, April 1912

Would Ulster Be Right to Fight?, September 1912

The War in the Balkans, October 1912

Socialism and Foreign Affairs, December 1912

What is the Matter with Socialism?, January 1913

London For Socialism, August 1913

The War and Its Outcome, October 1914 by Tom Quelch


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