Khristian Rakovsky

The Five Year Plan in Crisis


Originally published as Na s’ezde i v strane (At the Congress and in the Country), Byulleten’ oppozitsii, No. 25/26 (1931), pp. 9–32. [1]
This translation originally published in Critique 13, 1981.
© 1981 Critique. Published here with the kind permission of Hillel Ticktin.
The translation is by Donald Filtzer.
In the published version of the translation the words “milliard” & “billion” were used to express the number “1,000,000,000” – this has been standardized to “billion”.
Transcribed by Ted Crawford and marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.



1. Rakovsky’s inconsistent headings and overly long paragraphs have been tidied up in this translation. Wherever three dots appear these were in the original. All insertions by the editor and translator have been placed in square brackets. The footnotes are Rakovsky’s unless otherwise marked.

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