Roman Rosdolsky

Imperialist War and the Question of Peace

Written: 196?;
First Published: Studien über revolutionäre Taktik. Zwei unveröffentlichte Arbeiten über die II. Internationale und über die österreichische Sozialdemokratie (Verlag für das Studium der Arbeiterbewegung, Berlin (West) 1973)
Source: "Imperialist War and the Question of Peace – the Peace Politics of the Bolsheviks Before the November 1917 Revolution", Part1: Revolutionary Communist 8, July 1978.  pp35-43; Part 2: Revolutionary Communist 9, June 1979, pp44-56.
Transcription: Steve Palmer.
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Chapter I - The Peace Politics of the Bolsheviks before the November 1917 Revolution

1. The Real Character of the First World War

2. From opportunism to social chauvinism

3. Democratic peace programmes

4. The peace programme of the Bolsheviks

Chapter II - The revolutionary situation in Austria in 1918 and the politics of the social-democrats - The January 1918 strike in Austria