Victor Serge

Year One of the Russian Revolution


Written: 1925–1928, Vienna, Leningrad, Dietskoye Seloe.
First Published: L’An 1 de la révolution russe, 1930.
Source: Year One of the Russian Revolution, Holt, Reinhart, and Winston. © 1972.
Translated/Edited: Peter Sedgwick, photographic research by Celestine Dars.
Transcription/Markup: Brian Baggins
Proofread: Einde O’Callaghan (February 2009).
Copyright: Victor Serge Internet Archive ( 2005. Translation, editor’s Introduction, and notes © 1972 by Peter Sedgwick. Peter Sedgwick’s children are pleased that this text is available on-line.

Editor’s Introduction


1 From Serfdom to Proletarian Revolution

2 The Insurrection of 25 October 1917

3 The Urban Middle Classes against the Proletariat

4 The First Flames of the Civil War: The Constituent Assembly

5 Brest-Litovsk

6 The Truce and the Great Retrenchment

7 The Famine and the Czechoslovak Intervention

8 The July-August Crisis

9 The Terror and the Will to Victory

10 The German Revolution

11 War Communism

Editorial Postscript: The Allied Part in the Czechoslovak Intervention

I dedicate this work to two proletarian revolutionaries:
to one now dead,
dear Vassili Nikiforovich Chadayev,
militant in the Leningrad communist organization, 1917–28, whose principled intelligence, firmness of character and absolute devotion – a unique flame burning within him – never wavered even in the bitterest torment and who perished before he could show the fullness of his powers in the service of the revolution, murdered while accomplishing a mission on 26 August 1928, not far from Armavir (Kuban); and


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