Victor Serge 1936

Victor Serge to Leon trotsky

Source: Victor Serge & Leon Trotsky, La Lutte Contre le Stalinisme. Maspero, Paris, 1977;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2005.

August 14, 1936

Dear Leon Davidovich:

I am worried about you. Write me a few words. What is happening?

I wrote to you yesterday. I asked if you’d received one of my previous letters.

I believe that they are in the process of preparing the physical liquidation of Zinoviev and the others, and I am very much afraid for many of our comrades. I reacted immediately. I wrote a denial that will be sent to the press in the name of the Belgian and French organizations, as well as an article. I don’t have a copy; you’ll see it in the press.

The passivity of our comrades in the face of the repression in the USSR was a crime. We have to finally shake ourselves. Demand this from everyone. It is extremely regrettable that there is practically no more Secretariat. I am undertaking a campaign with all my strength against the repression, wherever and however I can.

I cordially and firmly shake your hands, yours and N.I.’s. [1]


Would it be possible to widely distribute in America or England the chapter of my manuscript entitled: “1935, year of terror,” pages 34 to 39?

1. Trotsky’s wife, Natalia