Max Shachtman

We’re Going to Have
an 8-Page Labor Action

(4 March 1946))

From Labor Action, Vol. 10 No. 9, 4 March 1946, p. 1.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

We are going to have an EIGHT-PAGE LABOR ACTION!


These are the decisions unanimously adopted at the recent meeting of the National Committee of the Workers Party, with members in attendance from coast to coast, including a representative group of members just released from the armed forces.

The American working class is on the march. Great battles have already taken plate and are now being waged between the working class, on the one side, and monopoly capital and its government, on the other. These are only the first of the post-war battles. More lie ahead, more battles and bigger ones. It is not only the future of the American working class that is at stake. In a deep sense, the future of the world is being fought out here.

In these battles the voice of Labor Action must resound throughout the land. It must reach the hands of thousands and tens of thousands of working class militants, inspiring them to fight more clearly, more consciously, more aggressively than ever before.

Labor Action must cover a dozen battle fronts where it covered one yesterday. It must deal with a dozen problems where it dealt with one yesterday. It must have space at its disposal for the voice and aspirations of its readers. It must have more space for news and analysis of political events in this country and throughout the world.

For this, four pages are simply not enough. We must expand to eight pages.

To make this possible, the meeting of the National Committee of the Workers Party voted to raise a fund of $15,000 to contribute to the expansion and maintenance of Labor Action as an eight-page fighting weekly. Part of the fund will be devoted to sending or ganizers of the Workers Party to the different sections of the country which are clamoring for party organizers aftd speakers. Another part of it will be set aside for a publication program of Workers Party educational literature.

The news of the EIGHT-PAGE LABOR ACTION plan has already created the highest enthusiasm in the branches of the Workers Party. Jumping the gun on the campaign, a membership meeting of the New York Local of the party received pledges totalling $4,500 from the membership alone. Some members have still to make their pledges. New York has already raised $1,405 in cash. Our new and thriving Newark Local has not only accepted its quota of $500 but has already raised $242. The Chicago, Philadelphia and Reading locals have already accepted their quotas and are busy raising the money. (The quotas for each city will be printed next week.)

The campaign will last three months, and then will coipe – the first issue of the EIGHT-PAGE LABOR ACTION!

We appeal for support to —

  • Members of the Workers Party, and
  • Sympathizers of the Workers Party, but also to
  • Every reader and friend of Labor Action!

Send in your contribution without delay – anything and everything you can afford, dimes and quarters and dollars you can collect from your fellow workers and friends. Labor Action is your paper. It fights alongside of you. it wants to triumph and it will triumph along with you and with the entire working class.

We launch this drive with every confidence that we will go over the top. Our members, our friends, our sympathizers, our readers – all of them together will surely justify this confidence.


Max Shachtman
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