Communist Party of Australia. 1961


The Trade Unions: Communist Theory and Practice of Trade Unionism

by Lance Sharkey.

Published: as “The Trade Unions: Communist Theory and Practice of Trade Unionism,” by L.L. Sharkey, for Communist Party of Australia, Current Book Distributors, Sydney January 1961. Wholly set up and printed in Australia by Newsletter Printery, 21 Ross St., Forest Lodge. First Impression: November, 1942, revised September, 1960;
Source: Left History Archive.

Author’s Preface to Original Edition
Author’s Preface to 1959 Edition
Growth Of Trade Unionism In Australia, Introduction by E.W. Campbell

Part One. The General Objective
Part Two. Reformist “Theories” And Harmful Practices Must Be Routed
Part Three. The Strike, The Chief Fighting Weapon Of The Unions
Part Four. Organisational Forms Of The T.U. Movement
Part Five. Unions As United Front Organs
Part Six. Conclusion

Appendix. Recent Developments
      Major Post-War Strikes
      The Role Of The Industrial Groupers
      The Basic Wage
      The Present Problems Of The Unions