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Lance Sharkey



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Political Charge Against Sharkey, by Fred Paterson, 1949



An Outline of Party History Lance Sharkey, December 1944
Foreword to “Foundations of Leninism” Lance Sharkey
The Story of Government Enterprise in Australia, Lance Sharkey and Ernie Campbell, January 1945
The Story Of The Sharkey Trial, Harold Rich, 1949
20th Congress And The Stalin Issue, Lance Sharkey, June/July 1956
       C.P.S.U. 20th Congress An Epoch-making Event
       Lessons Of The Cult Of The Individual
       Historical Experience Concerning Dictatorship Of Proletariat
Socialism In Australia: Communist View on Democratic Socialism, Lance Sharkey, June 1957
Sectarianism, Economism — What Are They?, 1957
On the 34th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Australia, 1957
The Trade Unions: Communist Theory and Practice of Trade Unionism, Lance Sharkey, 1961



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