History of The First International by G. M. Stekloff


This contains the names of the chief works dealing with or throwing light on the origin and history of the International Workingmen’s Association. Much of the information collated by the author is, however, derived from the files of various periodicals. These are all mentioned in the text or in Reference Notes, at places enumerated in the index.

“L'Alliance de la Démocratic socialiste et l'Association Internationale des Travailleurs,” 1873.

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“Compte – rendu officiel du sixième congres general de 1'Association Internationale des Travailleurs,” Locle, 1874.

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“Compte – rendu officiel du huitième congres general de 1'Association Internationale des Travailleurs,” Berne, 1876.

“Compte – rendu des séances du congrès socialiste tenu a Gand 9 – 16 septembre, 1877,” (Privately printed.)


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MARX, KARL, and ENGELS, FRIEDRICH, “Enthüllungen über den Kommunistenprozess in Koln,” Zurich, 1885. [“’trial of the Communists in Cologne.”]

MARX, KARL, and ENGELS, FRIEDRICH, [“The Alliance of the Socialist democracy and the International Workingmen’s Association.”] This was a report issued in 1873 by a special committee of the International. – See Note 256 on p.414. – A German translation, by Wilhelm Blos, was published at Stuttgart in 1920 by the Volksverlag für Wirthschaft und Verkehr. – The translator entitles this German pamphlet “Marx oder Bakunin, Demokratie odor Diktatur,” prefixing a foreword and appending notes to emphasise his menshevik view that “bolshevism is a revival of Bakuninism.”

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