A. Thalheimer

What is Brewing in Germany?

(26 July 1923)

From International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 53 [31], 26 July 1923, p. 552.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

“We are dancing on a volcano, and we are faced by a revolution, if we cannot ... reconcile the antagonisms.”

These words were spoken some days ago by Mr. Stresemann, leader of the German People’s Party, in an address to the central committee of this party.

Everyone in Germany feels that we are on the eve of a decisive combat between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat Everyone knows that the leaders of the Fascist movement in Germany are feverishly arming for the civil war against the working class. Everyone knows that Ludendorff and Hitler are heading this movement, that numerous officers of the national defence army are closely allied with them and are co-operating with them in preparing to deliver the stroke. The plans formed by the various Fascist elements, and the time chosen for action, have been changed frequently. But there are innumerable reports, mutually confirming one another, which go to show that the moment is really imminent. The lines of procedure are also clearly laid down. The Fascist plans calculate on the impending inevitable defeat of the German bourgeoisie at the hands of Poincaré and the other imperialist robbers. They are taking advantage of the cowardly behavior of Cuno’s government, and the failure of the other bourgeois parties and of the social democrats to make good in the national struggle of self defence. They rely upon the discontent of the starving petty bourgeoisie and intelligenzia, who sympathized with social democracy and socialism in the first phase of the German revolution, and are now severely disappointed. They utilize the hopelessness of broad strata of the working class, rendered indifferent or despairing by the continued treachery of the social democrats. And for what purpose do they want to utilize all this? For the purpose of waging war on the working class under cover of national defence against the Ruhr invasion and the shameful treachery of the Versailles treaty, and for the purpose of establishing the dictatorship of Fascism. This dictatorship is to carry out the program of the great industrialists: to shatter the labor organisations, to sweep away every barrier to capitalist exploitation, to establish the ten hour working day, and to transfer all state undertakings into the hands of private capital.

Perhaps the proclamation of the Rhenish republic, which is being feverishly prepared by the hirelings of Poincaré, despite all denials, will set the avalanche rolling. Perhaps some other event.

Nobody can be any longer deceived as to the seriousness of the position. The Fascisti, by themselves, would be insignificant. But they have military support in the national defence array. All sections of the bourgeoisie are ready to bow to them; for all are aware that once the struggle breaks out, it is a question of the dictatorship of Fascism or the dictatorship of the proletariat. Social democracy as a party is not feared. It is incapable of fight. Its leaders will either make a cowardly retreat or submit.

The sole real power which, at the head of the proletarian masses, can and will take up the fight against them, is the Communist Party.

Our Party is putting forth the utmost energy to. render the working class capable of battle and victory. During recent weeks and months it has gained great sympathy and confidence, and won many readers and members. The Party, down to the last member is filled with the determination to meet the Fascist coup with the utmost force and determination. It is carrying on a broad mass propaganda, in order to prepare the workers, employees, and lower officials for determined defence against the Fascisti, and to neutralize or partially win over the petty bourgeoisie.

The struggle will be severe. It will decide the fate of the European labor movement for the next few years.

The decision will also be of the greatest importance for the French working class.

The French working class can alleviate the struggle of the German working class, if it will take up with redoubled energy the fight against the annexation plans of Poincaré, and against the plans of the Comité des Forges for the plundering of the German working class; if it will increase its propaganda among the occupation army and its work of enlightenment among the peasantry.

The Communist Party of Germany has just issued an appeal to the Party (See last number of Inprecorr. – Ed.), giving exact instructions, politically and organizationally, for the struggle. The fight will find the Party at its post.

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