Josip Broz Tito

Instructions to General HQ for Macedonia1

for destruction of lines of communication and formation of brigades and divisions

Date: September 13, 1944
Source: Tito: Selected Military Works, pp. 287
Published: Vojnoizdavčki Zavod, Belgrade, 1966
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All lines of communication used by the Germans must be destroyed, including those between Salonika and Veles. The British have no right to decide what is to be destroyed. If destruction of certain objects facilitates our military operations, it must be done. In future, act in accordance with this.

We have learned that the Germans on the Greek islands are concentrating in Salonika prior to retreating north- ward. German actions around Carevo Selo and Kriva Palanka are probably only temporary, as a preparation for their withdrawal from Greece.

You intend forming a number of new divisions. This would require many officers whereas you still suffer from a shortage of cadres. It would be better to form brigades, numbering up to two thousand figting men, and to assign independent tasks to these brigades. The newly mobilized men will thus have a chance to adjust better to combat conditions. Of course, as the influx of men is large in your area, you will also have to form new divisions. We assign you division numbers 48-50. Inform us of their formation, strength, etc.

1. For destruction of lines of communication and formation of brigades and divisions. The original dispatch is in the archives of the Military Historical Institute of the Yugoslav People's Army.

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