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Trotskyism and Its Helpers  (1939)

Terror by the Fascist Bandits   (September 8, 1941)

Oath Taken by Fighting Men of Partisan Detachments   (September 1941)

The Tasks Before the People's Liberation Partisan Detachments   (August 1941)

The First and Foremost Task is the Struggle Against the Invaders   (December 1941)

The Collapse of the Fascist Hordes Is Inevitable   (November 26, 1942)

From a Letter to the Provincial Committee for Macedonia   (January 16, 1943)

“Our Optimism and Faith”   (February 4, 1945)

Victory Day   (May 9, 1945)

Instructions to General HQ for Macedonia   (September 13, 1945)

Talk with the Belgrade Pioneers   (January 6, 1946)

A statement before the Joint Session of the Parliament of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, made on March 1, 1946   (January 6, 1946)

Concerning the National Question and Social Patriotism   (November 26, 1948)

An Interview   (December 30, 1949)

Workers Manage Factories in Yugoslavia   (June 26, 1950)

“Interview with Marshal Tito” by Kalamesh Banerji for Janata   (June 26, 1950)

Speech On the Occasion of the Opening of the Congress of the International Union for Child Welfare   (August 30, 1954)

Speech in the Indian Parliament   (December 27, 1954)

Statement to Radio Belgrade on the Afro-Asian Conference at Bandung   (April 27, 1955)

Message to the International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy   (August 21, 1955)

Letter to the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union   (February 20, 1956)

Speech at the First Congress of Worker’s Councils   (June 25, 1957)

Speech Delivered at the Mass Meeting of Cairo Citizens   (February 21, 1959)

Historical Development in the World Will Move Towards the Strengthening of Socialism   (April 19, 1959)



Tito in Bihač   (1942)

Tito and Koča Popović   (date unknown)

Marching toward Kupres: Tito at the head of the column   (date unknown)


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