Leon Trotsky


After the July Days


Transcribed for the Trotsky Internet Archive by David Walters in 1998.

Publisher’s Note

Introduction – Louis C. Fraina

Instead of a Preface

I. What Has Happened?

II. Elements of Bonapartism

III. The Army in the Revolution

IV. What Next?

V. The Character of the Russian Revolution

VI. International Tactics

Speech at the Democratic Conference

Calendar of Events

Glossary of Names

Glossary of Parties

Glossary of Newspapers


The pamphlet reproduced here formed Part Four of The Proletarian Revolution in Russia, a collection of articles by Lenin and Trotsky edited by the American Communist, Louis C. Fraina, and published by the Communist Press, New York, in 1918.

The pamphlet has not since then appeared in English.

In his introductory note, Fraina states that “all the chapters are from Leon Trotsky’s pamphlet What Next? published . in Petrograd in September 1917.” The material had also been published in Pravda,the official organ of the Bolshevik Party in August and September 1917.

The translation is credited to Jacob Wittmer Hartmann and Andre Tridon.

All dates are new style.

As an appendix, we have added Trotsky’s Speech at the Democratic Conference, as published in Izvestia, official organ of the Petrograd Soviet, on 20th September 1917. (Old Style).

This booklet and the companion volume The Struggle for State Power, 1917, comprise almost all the available English translations of Trotsky’s voluminous writings during the crucial months of the Russian Revolution.

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