Leon Trotsky

The Struggle for State Power


Originally published in English in Lenin & Trotsky: The Proletarian Revolution in Russia

Publisher’s Note

by Louis C. Fraina

1. Peace and Reaction

2. The Farce of Dual Power

3. Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism

4. The July Uprising


The four articles reprinted here were first published in English in the book The Proletarian Revolution in Russia by Lenin and Trotsky edited by the American Communist, Louis C. Fraina, and published by the Communist Press, New York, in 1918.

Fraina received the praise of Lenin for his venture:

“The American Comrade, F., was wholly right in publishing a big volume containing a series of articles by Trotsky and me and thus giving a handbook of the history of the Russian Revolution.” (Quoted from Lenin, Works, Vol.XVII, Russian Edition, p.96, in Trotsky, The Stalin School of Falsification, Pioneer, 1937, p.4.)

Lenin’s writings of 1917 have been reprinted several times in fairly complete editions. But Trotsky’s writings have remained scarce and unobtainable. Except for the article Democracy, Pacifism, Imperialism, none of the others have, as far as we are aware, been since reprinted in English.

These articles were published in Vperiod in June-July 1917 and printed in translation by Louis C. Fraina in Part III of his book.

The translations are credited to Jacob Wittmer Hartmann and Andre Tridon.

All dates are New Style.

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