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Order No.88

>By the Chairman of the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic and People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs to the Red Army and the Red Navy, April 3, 1919, No.88, Moscow

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At the beginning of March an international congress of representatives of the revolutionary proletariat met in Moscow. This congress sent a fraternal greeting to the Red Army, which I passed on in my order No.83. Before they left, the foreign delegates presented to the Red Army, through the Revolutionary War Council of the Republic, a banner inscribed: “From the foreign delegates of the Communist International, as a mark of respect for the Red Army’, and, on the other side: “Workers of all lands, unite!’

This banner is now the highest and holiest of all the banners possessed by our army. It symbolises the high ideal of international solidarity of the working class, in the name of which the workers” and peasants” Red Army is fighting. On all ceremonial occasions in the life of the Red Army, the banner of the Communist International will wave above our revolutionary regiments.

Long live the Red Army!

Long live the Communist International!

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