Leon Trotsky

Problems of
the Chinese Revolution


Written: 1927-1931.
Originally Edition: Edited by Max Shachtman for Pioneer Publishers, New York, 1932.
Edition: New Park, London, May 1969.
Translated: Max Shachtman.
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive, 2002.
Transcribed: Robert Barrois.
HTML Markup: D. Walters.


Introduction by Max Shachtman

The Chinese Revolution and the Theses of Comrade Stalin (May 7, 1927)

Epilogue: The Speech of Comrade Chen Duxiu on the Tasks of the Chinese Communist Party (May 17, 1927)

First Speech on the Chinese Question (May 1927)

Second Speech on the Chinese Question (May 1927)

The Sure Road (May 12, 1927)

Hankow and Moscow (May 28, 1927)

Is It Not Time to Understand? (May 27, 1927)

The Canton Insurrection (July 1928)

The Chinese Question After the Sixth Congress (October 4, 1928)

What is Happening in China? (November 9, 1929)

A Retreat in Full Disorder (November 1930)

The Strangled Revolution (February 9, 1931)

A Strangled Revolution and Its Stranglers (June 13, 1931)

Stalin and the Chinese Revolution (August 26, 1930)


The Letter from Shanghai (March 17, 1927)

Theses on the Chinese Revolution (April 14, 1927)

Speech of Vuyo Vuyovitch Delivered at the eighth plenum of the E. C. C. I., May 1927

A Remarkable Document on the Policy and the Régime of the Communist International (October 4, 1928)

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