Trotsky’s Writings on Britain, Volume 2

Leon Trotsky

Where is Britain Going?


Originally published: Leon Trotsky, Where Is Britain Going?, 1925.
New Translation: Trotsky’s Writings on Britain, Vol.2, London 1975.
Translator: Allan Clinton.
Transcribed: Ted Crawford for the Trotsky Internet Archive in 1999.

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  1. The Decline of Britain
  2. Mr. Baldwin and ... Gradualness
  3. One or Two Peculiarities of Labour Leaders
  4. The Fabian ‘Theory’ of Socialism
  5. The Question of Revolutionary Force
  6. Two Traditions: The Seventeenth-Century Revolution and Chartism
  7. Trade Unions and Bolshevism
  8. Prospects

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Trotsky’s Writings on Britain

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