All known material on Britain contained in Trotsky's other writings and speeches, edited by Allan Clinton. CLICK HERE

Table of Contents

Transcribed by Ted Crawford for the Trotsky Internet Archive in 1999.

Introductions to the On-Line version of Trotsky's Writings On Britain

Preface to the American edition

Introduction to the English Edition

The decline of Britain

Mr. Baldwin and ... gradualness

One or two peculiarities of Labour leaders

The Fabian 'theory' of socialism

The question of revolutionary force

Two traditions: the seventeenth-century revolution and Chartism

Trade Unions and Bolshevism


The Anglo-Russian Committee and Comintern policy

The break-up of the Anglo-Russian Committee

The Programme of Peace

Notes on the situation in Britain 1925-1926

Trotsky on the struggle in Britain in retrospect

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