Marxist Writers: Bertram Wolfe

Bertram D. Wolfe

1896 – 1977

Bertram Wolfe

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A New Page in Mexico's History, 1924
Take the Road to the Left, 1924
What Are We Doing to Honduras?, 1924
Latin America Prepares for Gompers, 1924
Latin-American Peasants Turn to Communism, 1925
Church and State in Mexico, 1925
Economics of Class Collaboration (Part 2), 1926
How Class Collaboration Works, 1926
Lenin, the American Working Class and Its Party, with Jack Stachel 1926
What is Workers' Education?, 1926
Problems of Party Training, 1926
Whose Revolution is It?, 1926
Towards Leninism, 1927
A Program for the Period of Prosperity, 1927
Eastman Revises Marx-And Corrects Lenin, 1927
America Discusses the Opposition (Part 2), 1928
The Trotsky Opposition: Its Significance for American Workers, 1928
Atheism and "Evolution", 1928
Pacifism and War, 1928
Latin America and the Colonial Question, 1928
The Right Danger in the Comintern, 1928
Introduction to 'The Truth about the Barcelona Events' by Lambda, 1937
Trotsky’s Defense, 24 November 1937 (book review)
The Civil War in Spain, December 1937
Speech on the Moscow Purge Trials, 9 March 1938



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