Nikos Zachariadis

Open Letter
of the General Secretary of the KKE

Date: October 31, 1940
Source: Ελληνικό
Transcription: Panos Fidis
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Open Letter
of the General Secretary of the KKE[A],[B]
to the People of Greece

Mussolini's fascism backstabbed Greece in a murderous and immoral way in order to occupy and enslave Greece. Today all the Greeks are fighting for our freedom, our honor, our national independence. The struggle will be very hard and very tough. But a nation that desires to survive must fight defying the dangers and the sacrifices. The people of Greece are fighting a national liberation war against Mussolini's fascism. Alongside with the main front, EVERY ROCK, EVERY HILLSIDE, EVERY CITY, HOUSE BY HOUSE MUST BECOME A FORTRESS OF THE NATIONAL LIBERATION STRUGGLE. Every agent of fascism must be exterminated mercilessly. In this war which is led by the government of Metaxas, all of us must offer all their efforts without doubts. The reward for the working people and the capstone of today's struggle will be a new Greece of work and freedom liberated from any foreign imperialist dependence with a true popular culture. Everyone to the struggle, each one to his position, and the victory will be a victory of Greece and the Greek people. The workers of all the world are on our side.

Athens, 31 of October 1940.
Nikos Zachariadis
Secretary of the Central Committee of KKE

MIA Transcribers' Notes

A. Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Ελλάδας, The Communist Party of Greece.

B. The KKE had been banned in 1936 by the Metaxas regime. As such, much of the KKE leadership had been imprisoned by the onset of Italian aggression toward Greece. Zachariadis wrote this letter from jail, urging unity with the Metaxas government in efforts of defeating the common enemy of the Greek people.

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