Clara Zetkin

The Communist Delegation to the Chairman
of the Commission of Nine

(8 May 1922)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 2 No. 35, 11 May 1922, p. 274.
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Berlin, May 8th, 1922

Dear Comrade Adler,

On behalf of our delegation, I desire to inform you of the following:

  1. The six attorneys named in your letter, as well as the three Russian Social Revolutionaries you mentioned, are admitted as retained for the defense in the Social Revolutionary trial in Moscow. The Soviet Government will do all in its power to see to it that their passage into Russia take place unhindered. The persons in question must apply to the Russian Legation in Berlin for their visum. The trial begins on May 23rd. Kindly communicate this information to the persons in question.
  2. Our delegation requests you to communicate the following to the German representatives of the German Social Democracy in the Commission of Nine:

Our delegation is being deprived of its freedom of movement in Germany by the authorities. The Prussian Minister of the Interior has forbidden Comrade Radek speak in the Düsseldorf mass meeting, although Vandervelde, signatory to the Treaty of Versailles, obtained permission to speak. The German Foreign Office has gone still further – it forbade Comrade Radek to travel to Düsseldorf.

  1. A police circular has been issued for the arrest of Felix Wolf, the secretary of our delegation, for alleged participation in the March Action of 1921. We expect that the representatives of the German Social Democracy in the Commission of Nine will immediately take the necessary steps for the revocation of this oppressive measure. If that does not take place, our delegation, will seriously have to consider whether it should not move the transference of the sessions of the Commission of Nine in Moscow, where the representatives of all groups will have complete and equal freedom of movement.

Awaiting an immediate reply, I am,


With Communist greetings,
Clara Zetkin
for the Delegation of the Executive Committee
of the Communist International

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