Clara Zetkin


Fight Fascism!

(22 March 1923)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 28, 22 March 1923, p. 221.
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To the workers of all countries!

A new Horthy Hungary has arisen in Italy. From day to day and from week to week the murderous terrorism of Mussolini’s government continues to increase, to follow its aim of completely enslaving the proletariat. The most unheard of deeds of horror are committed daily at the behest of the Italian government.

In its own interests, the international proletariat cannot took quietly on while the Italian labor movement is being annihilated. A suggestion made by the IV. Congress of the Communist International has therefore led to the formation of a Provisional Committee, under the chairmanship of comrade Clara Zetkin, for the purpose of carrying on the fight against Fascism on an international basis, and aiding the victims of Fascism.

The committee appeals to the international proletariat to organize defensive action against the Fascist regime of murder, and relief action for the victims among the brave Italian working class. It will be the task of all proletarian organizations, regardless of political tendency, to fulfil this international duty as a point of honor.

The provisional committee, at the same time, appeals to the executives of the Loudon and Vienna Internationals, as well as to the executive of the Amsterdam trade union international and the international organization of syndicalists, to join the Communist International, the Red International of Labor Unions, and the Communist Youth International, in forming the final committee for combatting Fascism Workers of all countries, demand of your organizations that they take part in the proceedings of lhe undersigned provisional committee.

Special national committees will conduct the work, in every country, of collecting in aid of the Italian labor organizations. Working men and women, show your international solidarity! Think of Horthy Hungary! Here the most bestial Terror raged, and the international proletariat failed to step in and prevent it. You must make sure that the Italian proletariat does not share the fate of the Hungarian. The brutal subjugation of the Italian proletariat would be inevitably followed by an enormous increase of Fascist reaction in every country. You are threatened, one and all, by the Fascist outlook of your bourgeoisie. Therefore up and fight against Fascism, by propaganda, by international collections, and by political defensive action.

The Provisional International Committee for Combatting Fascism.


Clara Zetkin (Chairman)

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