Klara Zetkin


International Committee of Action
against War and Fascism

(5 April 1923)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 31 [13], 5 April 1923, p. 254.
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Chairmen: Klara Zetkin, Berlin. Henry Barbusse, Paris.

Berlin, Easter 1923.

Rosenthaler Str. 38.

Circular No. 1

To all Labor Organizations

Dear Comrades.

The International Committee of Action against Danger of War and Fascism, now addresses all the organizations which were represented at the Frankfort Conference, or which are in sympathy with the decisions of the Frankfort Conference, this Conference has decided to institute an International Propaganda Week from April 15 to 22, 1923, during which the Frankfort decisions are to be popularized. In order that this Propaganda Week be a success, it must be thoroughly prepared and organized.

I. Oral Propaganda

Already before April 15 meetings and sessions should be called in the workshops, in the Trade Unions, and Trade Union Councils. At these meetings the tasks of the Propaganda Week are to be thoroughly discussed.

During the Propaganda Week, meetings are to be held in every large factory, and after the workers are acquainted with the Frankfort decisions, resolutions are to be passed expressing the solidarity of the workers with the Frankfort Conference decisions.

Similarly in the Trade Unions, membership meetings are to be held and the Frankfort Conference discussed.

Wherever possible, mass meetings are to be held, in order to acquaint the workers of the small workshops as well as the broad masses with the decisions of the Frankfort Conference.

In all public places, large demonstrations are to be held; foreign speakers are to speak for the carrying out of the Frankfort decisions. Foreign speakers are, wherever possible, to be used at the large shop meetings (in the great works of the metal industry, munition works, docks, mines, railroad centres, etc.).

As, unfortunately, the leading comrades of the 2nd, 2½ and the Amsterdam Trade Union Internationals were not represented at the Frankfort Conference, they are to be given an opportunity during the Propaganda Week of being heard on the decisions of this Conference. The leaders of these Internationals are therefore to be invited to these meetings.

It is to be seen that many non-partizan and unorganized workers and housewives participate in the demonstrations and meetings.

Information regarding speakers and propaganda material can he gotten directly through the Committee of Action.

II. Written Propaganda

In all the labor newspapers the Frankfort Conference is to be discussed daily. The daily political and economic events are to be connected with the Frankfort decisions.

All the resolutions, declarations, motions and decisions adopted at the various meetings aye to be reported, in ihe newspapers, especially in the trade unions press.

The Committee of Action will aid the written propaganda by issuing handbills and leaflets. One will contain the decisions of the Frankfort Conference; another the speeches of Lozovsky and Clara Zetkin, etc. The manifesto of the Frankfort Conference will be widely distributed in the form of leaflets and posters. Mass distributions of other manifestos to the miners, transport workers, seamen and metal workers of all countries will take place. All the corresponding trade union organs are to reprint these manifestos

III. Exchange of Speakers

ln order to enable foreign speakers to address the various shop meetings, an exchange of speakers is to be organized. All organizations wishing to have foreign speakers are at once to notify the Committee of Action. On the other hand, however, it is the duly of all these organizations to furnish an equal number of speakers for foreign countries. A list of speakers for foreign countries is at once to be sent in to the Committee of Action.

IV. Themes for the Meetings

  1. The Frankfort Conference and the tasks of the labor organizations.
  2. Proletarian Struggle versus Danger of War and Imperialism.
    Variations of these themes are to be adapted according to the country. In France and Germany the Ruhr occupation will occupy the foreground.
    In England the danger of war called forth by the policy of the ruling class in the Orient, in Ireland, Egypt and India – are to be specially emphasized.
  3. The Fight against Fascism. Here it is to be emphatically pointed out that if the working class fails to organize an effective defense, the same fate awaits it in every capitalist country, as has befallen the Italian proletariat.

V. Defensive Measures

  1. Defense organs to be created by all proletarian organizations, for the purpose of consolidating the proletarian ranks, facilitating unified action, checking (lie attacks of the enemy and strengthening the class consciousness of the workers.
  2. Special measures against Italian Fascism are necessary:
    1. Propaganda boycott of Italian goods.
    2. Workers delegations to protest to the Italian embassies against the suppression of the Italian labor movement.
    3. Demonstrations in the Parliaments against the Italian government and its Fascist methods.
    4. Demonstration before Italian Consulates, embassies, Italian Commercial and Industrial Banks etc.

VI. International Conferences

According to the decisions of the Frankfort Conference, international conferences of the key industries are to be convened, miners, railway workers, seamen. We propose the 27th and 28th of May for such conferences. Agenda: The tasks of the particular group in the execution of the Frankfort Conference decisions.

At the meetings during the Propaganda Week, attention should be called to these conferences, and the workers asked to elect delegations early. Besides these conferences. The Committee of Action will organize conferences of the munition workers. The electrical and chemical workers.

VII. Propaganda among the Soldiers

for the decisions of the Frankfort Conference. All difficulties are to be surmounted and the united front of all workers with the uniformed proletariat is to be propagated. Written propaganda among the soldiers will greatly facilitate this work – (Soldiers’ letters handbills, etc.)

VIII. News Service

The Committee of Action is to be kept in constant touch with the struggles of our foreign comrades. This will coordinate the proletarian actions and render them truly international.

IX. National Committees

should be formed in every country. All proletarian organizations fighting for the realization of the Frankfort decisions should send delegates to these national committees.

X. A Fighting Fund

is absolutely necessary in order to carry out all these measures. Collections are to be made in every country with the least possible delay. Contributions should at once be sent in to the International Committee of Action in Berlin. All monies are to be sent to: Frau Frieda Düwell, Berlin C.54, Rosenthaler Straße 38

The International Committee of Action against Danger of War and Fascism has its headquarters in Berlin. Its publications appear in German French and English. All communications are to be sent to the International Committee of Action against War and Fascism.

Frau Klara Zetkin, Berlin C.54, Rosenthaler Str. 38.


With fraternal greetings,
The Secretariat of the International Committee of Action against War and Fascism

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