Clara Zetkin

Report of the Commission on the Women’s Question

The Enlarged Executive: Eleventh Day of Session

(23 June 1923)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 52, 23 July 1923, p. 548.
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June 23, 1923

Clara Zetkin presented the report of the Commission on the Women’s Question. She said:

I have to state that the decisions both of the International Women’s Conference and of the Third World Congress on the Women’s Question have not been carried out completely in any country. We must therefore impose the duty upon the parties to carry these resolutions into effect. The Women’s Commission has not vet completed its work and will continue to sit after the Enlarged Executive meeting has ended, inviting to its meetings representatives from each of the Parties. It is necessary to place before the Parties the experiences of the Russian Revolution in the organisation and attraction of women to the fight. Just as in Russia, we find the women in Germany today participating in the struggles against the rising cost of living, and in the Control Commissions of housewives set up during these struggles. Our task is to carry on this work on a greater scale, and also in the other countries. The Commission will embody the results of its labours in a resolution which it will lay before the Presidium.

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