MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Organisations



Party of Order

A party of reactionary bourgeois founded in response to the revolutionary movements of 1848. The party was a coalition of the two French monarchist factions – the Legitimists and the Orleansists – lasting from the 1849 coup d'etat until December 2, 1851. The party held the leading position in the Legislative Assembly of the Second Republic.



Supporters of the House of Orleans, a branch of the Bourbon dynasty that came to power during the July revolution of 1830 and was overthrown by the revolution of 1848. They supported the interests of the financial aristocracy and the influential bourgeoisie.


Organising Committee

The O.C. was set up in 1912 at the August conference of the Mensheviks. During the First World War the O.C. justified the war on the part of tsarism and advocated the ideas of nationalism and chauvinism. The O.C. published the journal Nasha Zarya, and when this was closed down, Nashe Dyelo, then Dyelo, and the newspapers Rabocksye Utro, then Utro. The O.C. functioned up to the time of the election of the Central Committee of the Menshevik party in August 1917.