MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of People



Klement, Rudolf (1908-1938)

Trotsky's secretary in Turkey and France; kidnapped by GPU; his headless body was fished out of the Seine in July 1938.


Kleine, August (Samuel Haifiz, a.k.a. Guralski) (1885-1960)

Son of poor Jewish family, born in Lodz. Higher studies during which he joined Jewish Poale Zion movement. Emigrated to Vienna, went to Russia, active in Menshevik ranks in February 1917. Joined Bolsheviks at end of 1918, joined Comintern apparatus. In Germany in 1921 with Béla Kun just before March Action. Representative of ECCI in 1922 with KPD, elected to Zentrale in 1923. Responsible for politico-military preparations for insurrection in Germany in 1923, leader of Kopf. Organiser of centre tendency after October retreat. Recalled to Moscow in 1924 after his group was defeated byKPD (Kommunistischen Partei Deutschlands/German Communist Party) Left. Member of United Opposition behind Zinoviev, sent on mission to South America. Arrested during purges, freed after death of Stalin, died in 1960, according to DDR sources.