MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of People



Nogin, V. P. 1894-1926

Nogin Central Committee member of the Bolsheviks. According to Krupskaya, “Nogin was a conciliator who was out to unite all and everyone”, referring specifically to the rift between the Bolshevik and Menshevik wings of the R.S.D.L.P. In 1910, a time of severe reaction, Nogin was made responsible for setting up an illegal Bolshevik organisation in Russia, an opportunity Nogin used to try to bring Bolsheviks and Mensheviks into closer cooperation. During the period of the Provisional Government before the October Revolution, Nogin, along with Kamenev, Zinoviev, Rykov, Lunacharsky and Miliutin, opposed calling for the overthrow of the Provisional Government, and resigned from both the Central Committee and the Council of People's Commissars in protest, but all subsequently supported Lenin's policy for an insurrection.

After the Revolution, Nogin was a member of first Council of People's Commissars, i.e., the first Soviet Government, and People's Commissar for Commerce and Industry. One of only three of that first Soviet government to die a natural death, dying in 1926.


Northcliffe, Lord (A. C. W. Harmsworth) (1865-1922)

First of the modern Press barons, he pioneered popular magazines and dailies, founding the Daily Mail in 1896 and the Daily Mirror in 1903. He took over The Times in 1908 and used it to conduct a prolonged controversy with Lloyd George over war tactics, which he thought were insufficiently agressive. He was a public critic of Kitchener and directed British war propaganda abroad during 1918. Uncle of Lord Rothermere who became owner of the Daily Mail.


Noske, Gustav (1868-1946)

Noske German Social Democrat in the right-wing. Supported Germany in WWI and helped with the suppression of the Spartacist uprising. Arranged to have Rosa Luxemburg and Liebknecht assasinated.


Novack, George (1905-1992)

George Novack Born in Boston and Harvard educated, Novack was on a successful track in the publishing business, when the beginning of the Great Depression radicalized him. He joined the Trotskyist SWP in 1933 and a member of its National Committee from 1941. Author of many articles and books on Marxist philosophy, including the widely available Introduction to the Logic of Marxism.

See George Novack Archive and Brief biography of George Novack by Dave Holmes.


Novotny, Antonin (1904-1975)

Worker in Czech arms factory; joined CP 1921; in concentration camp 1941-45; First Sec. Czechoslovakian CP early 1953; focussed economy on development of heavy industry; resigned March 1968, in face of mounting opposition and isolation within the Party.