MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of People



O'Grady, James (1866-1934)

Born in Bristol; joined the Social Democratic Federation in 1892. Later became Secretary of National Federation of General Workers, President of 1898 Trades Union Congress and a member of the Parliamentary Committee for a time. Labour MP for Leeds constituencies, 1906-24, A rabid chauvinist during the First World War, joining the army to attain the rank of captain. Duties included a visit to Russia in 1917 to persuade the Provisional Government to stay in the war; in November 1919 took part in a meeting with Soviet representatives in Copenhagen to arrange an exchange of prisoners. Sent to Ireland in 1918 in an effort to recruit to the British army. Knighted in 1924; spent the rest of his life as a colonial administrator, first as Governor of Tasmania (1924-31), then of the Falkland Islands (1931-34).