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Vranicki, Predrag (1922-2002).

Vranicki Marxist Humanist, member of the Praxis Group in Yugoslavia. During World War Two he fought with the Army of National Liberation against the Fascist occupation of Yugoslavia. He received a diploma in philosophy from the University of Zagreb in 1947 and later became Professor of Philosophy at the same University. When the dissident Praxis journal was initiated in 1965, he joined its editorial board.

Vranicki is most famous for his study of the ideas of the Marxist theoreticians entitled History of Marxism (1961, 3 volumes). Besides this work, his other major works are: Dialectical and Historical Materialism (1958), Marxism and Socialism (1979), Philosophical Studies (1979), The Socialist Alternative (1982) and Philosophy of History (1988).

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