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Byednota (The Poor)

A daily peasant newspaper published in Moscow from March 27, 1918, till January 31, 1931. It was started by decision of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) in place of the newspapers Derevenskaya Byednota (The Village Poor), Derevenskaya Pravda (The Village Truth) and Soldatskaya Pravda (The Soldiers' Truth). It advocated the the worker-peasant alliance in Soviet Russia, and to organize and rally the poor and middle peasants around the Communist Party and the Soviet Government. The paper played an important part in the political enlightenment and cultural development of the working and poor peasants, in promoting active, public-minded peasants from among the poorer peasants and training a large contingent of village correspondents. On February 1, 1931, Byednota was merged with Sotsialisticheskoye Zemledeliye (Socialist Agriculture).