MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Periodicals



Gazeta-Kopeika (Kopek Newspaper)

A daily published in St. Petersburg from 1908. Closed down in 1918.


Gazeta Pechatnikov (Printers' Newspaper )

Organ of the Moscow Printers' Union (Menshevik), appeared from December 8, 1918. In March 1919, at the height of the Civil War, the paper was closedown because of its anti-Soviet propaganda.


Gazeta Robotnicza (Workers' Gazette)

The illegal organ of the Warsaw Committee of the Social-Democratic Party of Poland and Lithuania, published form May to October 1906. Its publication was resumed in 1912 and continued until January 1916. Parallel committees were established after the split of the Polish Social-Democrats in 1912: there were two Warsaw Committees and two organs of the same name, one published by the supporters of the Executive Committee in Warsaw and the other, by the Opposition Warsaw Committee in Cracow. The Opposition Warsaw Committee published two issues, Nos. 24 and 25 (with supplement), in Zurich in 1915-16.