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Malenkaya Gazeta (Small Newspaper)

A Russian organ of a Black-Hundred tendency, published in Petrograd from September 1914 to July 1917 by A. Suvorin, Junior. From May 1917 onwards the paper carried the subheading "The paper of the non-party socialists". After the revolution of February 1917 its content shifted radically, opposed to the Bolsheviks, and in particular targetted Lenin.


Marxist (1939)

New York/Chicago. Theoretical Organ of the Revolutionary Workers League of the US New York; Chicago. This was the continuation in 1939 of Fourth International. The magazine ran only for a year in 1939 and then was replaced by the newer International News.

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Collection digitized by the Tamiment Library at NYU


Masses, The

The Masses was a graphically innovative magazine of socialist politics published monthly in the United States from 1911 until 1917, when federal prosecutors brought charges against its editors for conspiring to obstruct conscription. It was succeeded by The Liberator and then later New Masses. It published reportage, fiction, poetry and art by the leading radicals of the time such as Max Eastman, John Reed, Dorothy Day, and Floyd Dell.

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Collection digitized by the Tamiment Library at NYU