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New International (New York 1935-1958)

New International was founded as the organ of the Trotskyist group, named the Communist League of America, which formed out of a split from the Communist Party. The CLA merged with the American Workers Party (a left-socialist group led by A.J. Muste, James Burnham et al.), to form the Workers Party of the US (Jan. 1935 issue). The magazine was suspended (last issue: June 1936) when the Trotskyists joined the Socialist Party and was reissued (Jan. 1938) when they split with the Socialist Party, forming the Socialist Workers Party. The SWP in turn split in the spring of 1940, and the magazine went (Apr. 1940) with the then minority, which organized itself under the name of Workers Party. This organization changed its name to Independent Socialist League after April 1949. Throughout these political changes, the formal publisher of the magazine was the “New International Publishing Company” (except for the first year, 1934, when it was the “New International Publishing Association”). At present the index by issue is more or less complete. It is divided into three sections: 1934-1940 (until the split), 1940-1946 and 1947-1958 (when the magazine ceased publication).