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Western Comrade (1913-1918)

The Western Comrade was a socialist magazine published in the 1910s in Los Angeles, California. It was associated with the Llano del Rio utopian community of 1914-1918. The Western Comrade began publishing in April 1913. It published 5 volumes, the last issue dated March-April 1918 (by which time the publication had moved from California to Louisiana along with much of the Llano colony). Two later issues of a sixth volume followed in 1918 under the title "The Internationalist", before the magazine folded. This limited run from 1913 through 1917 will expand when more issues are found and can be digitized.

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Western Worker (1932-1937)

Newspaper of the Communist Party, USA, published in San Francisco and covering the western the states. Highlights include coverage of the 1932 and 1933 agricultural workers strikes in California and later, the 1934 Maritime Strike and SF General Strike.

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