MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Events



Chemnitz Congress

Congress of the German Social-Democratic Party, September 15-21, 1912; the Congress adopted a resolution on imperialism that described the policy of the imperialist states as "a shameless policy of plunder and annexation" and called upon the Party to "struggle against imperialism with redoubled energy".


Chinese revolution of 1927

Crushed in 1927 by Stalin's ally, Chiang Kai-shek, the 1927 Chinese revolution was a prime issue of contention in the factional struggle that year between the Left Opposition and Stalin.

The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, decided to follow the line of the Comintern representative and organized the working class of Shaghai and Canton to welcome the army of the revolutionary nationalist Chiang Kai-shek. Immediatly following, thousands of Communist Party members were executed and the Communist presense in the large urban centers of China was virtually eliminated. There followed the organisation and mobilisation of the countryside.