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Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Peasants' Deputies

The Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Peasants' Deputies was held in Petrograd from November 26 to December 10 (December 9 to 23), 1917. Apart from delegates from various localities invited by the Right Socialist-Revolutionary Peasant Executive Committee, it was attended by all the delegates of the Extraordinary Peasant Congress, a total of 790 with vote, including 305 Socialist-Revolutionaries of the Centre and Right, 350 Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, and 91 Bolsheviks. The atmosphere at the Congress was extremely tense. The Right Socialist-Revolutionaries tried to push the Congress their way, and to drive a wedge between the Bolsheviks and the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, who were sitting on the fence. There was an especially stiff fight over the attitude to the Constituent Assembly and the government's decree declaring the Cadets enemies of the people.

Lenin spoke on these issues on December 2 (15). At first a considerable majority supported the Right Socialist-Revolutionaries, whose resolution demanded the transfer of power to the Constituent Assembly and censure of the government's acts in ordering the arrest of several Cadets. The Bolshevik group insisted on a revote, and the Congress passed the resolution of the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries. Contradictions on the issue split the Congress and the Right-wingers walked out. The Left-wing majority remained and continued their work. They confirmed the decisions of the Extraordinary All-Russia Peasants' Congress and adhered to the decisions of the Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets. The Congress elected a new Executive Committee of Soviets of Peasants' Deputies, which it authorised to join the All-Russia Central Executive Committee in implementing the basic demands of the peasants for land and peace.


Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party

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