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Cadets (Constitutional Democrats)

A Russian party formed in October, 1905, called Cadets from its abbreviated name for members of the Constitutional-Democratic Party, and also known as the “Party of the People's Freedom”.

The Cadets were social-chauvinists during the first World War.

The Cadet party were reformists who sought to retain the monarchy but establish parliamentry rule over Russia. During the February Revolution of 1917, the Cadets made several attempts to save the monarchy but failed. They later formed the strongest party of the Provisional Government. The Cadet Ministry, however, was overthrown in April because it declared itself in favour of the world war, including the imperialistic aims of expanding Russia's borders.

After the October Revolution of 1917 the Cadets assisted the French, US, Japanese and British invading armies to overthrow the R.S.F.S.R. After the defeat of the white armies in 1922, the Cadets moved overseas; some of its members continued to assist the Imperialists with usurping the Soviet government.

Among the leading figures of the party were P. N. Milyukov, S. A. Muromtsev, V. A. Maklakov, A. I. Shingarov, P. B. Struve and F. I. Rodichev.