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Call (Der Weckruf)

Central organ of the Communist Party of German Austria, and published in Vienna from November 1918 to January 11, 1919. From January 15, 1919, it appeared under the title The Social Revolution, and from July 26, 1919, under the title Die Rote Fahne. On October 13, 1920, it remained the central organ of the Communist Party of German Austria, and beginning with October 14 it appeared as the central organ of the Communist Party of Austria. After its banning in July 1933 it appeared illegally. In August 1945 its name was changed to Osterreichische Volksstimme, and from February 21, 1957, it has been called Volksstimme.


Call (New York)

The New York Call was founded in 1908 and soon became America’s leading socialist newspaper. The Call opposed US involvement in World War One and was prosecuted under the Espionage Act as a result.

Its writers included Agnes Smedley, Margaret Sanger, Robert Minor, Kate Richards O'Hare, Eugene Debs and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Its offices were raided and wrecked in 1919 and did not have its second-class mailing privileges restored until 1921. Norman Thomas, the future leader of the Socialist Party of America, became editor of the newspaper but it was closed down in 1923.

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