MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Periodicals



Labour Defender

The Labor Defender was U.S. pictorial monthly founded in 1926. While influenced most heavily by the new Communist Party it's national committee included socialists like Eugene V. Debs and Upton Sincliar. It was known for it's stunning cover art and large of use of photos of varoius workers struggle. It was the organ of the International Labor Defense, a class-struggle legal defense organization.


Labour Leader

A weekly founded in 1 891. From 1893 it was an organ of the I.L.P.; from 1922, it was called the New Leader, and since 1946 it has been known as the Socialist Leader.


Labour Review (1952-1963)

Labour Review was published in London from 1952 until 1963 by the tendency associated with Gerry Healy. Originally it appeared very sporadically but from 1957 it appeared more regularly. From 1957 until 1959 it was one of the finest non-sectarian theoretical journals on the left internationally. With the foundation of the Socialist Labour League it became increasingly inward looking and was replaced by a journal called Fourth International in 1964.



Montkly magazine published in Paris from 1840 to 1850. It was the organ of Christian artisans and workers with Socialistic sympathies.