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Student Partisan (New York 1949-)

Student Partisan Index was launched by the Politics Club of the University of Chicago at a time when radical student activities were making a new beginning in the postwar period but no student movement had yet appeared on a national scale. In many ways the University of Chicago campus was to the late ‘40s and ‘50s was what C.C.N.Y. had been in the ‘30s and Berkeley was going to be in the ‘60s: the campus with the most activity of a “student movement” type. The focus of this activity was the Politics Club. Its relatively large membership was more heterogeneous than radical clubs had tended to be. It included socialists of various tendencies and even some liberals; but the largest single political current in the club was that of the youth group of the Independent Socialist League, called the Socialist Youth League. It was their views which gave the main political tone to Student Partisan.

A similar student magazine was launched in New York City in the fall of 1949: see the introductory note to the Anvil index in this volume. The two magazines were merged the following year, and the independent existence of Student Partisan came to an end after nine issues. In effect, the merged magazine continued Anvil (and continued Anvil‘s issue numbering), though the title became formally Anvil and Student Partisan.


Student Socialist (1949-1951)

New York. Organ of the Socialist Youth League which was the youth group of the Independent Socialist League, lead by Max Shachtman and Hal Draper among many other socialist intellectuals of the 1950s.

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