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Zavety (Behests)

A legal literary and political monthly of a Socialist-Revolutionary orientation, published in Petersburg from April 1912 to July 1914.



A Marxist scientific and political journal published legally in Stuttgart in 1901-02 by the Editorial Board of Iskra. Altogether four numbers (three issues) of Zarya appeared: No. 1 in March 23 (April when referenced by the Russian Julian calender); No. 2-3 in December 1901, and No. 4 in August 1902. The aims of the publication were set forth in the "Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and Zarya" written by Lenin in Russia. In 1902, during disagreement and conflicts that arose on the Editorial Board of Iskra and Zarya, Plekhanov proposed a plan for separating the newspaper from the journal (with Zarya remaining under his editorship), but this proposal was not accepted, and the two publications continued under single editorial board.

Zarya criticised revisionism of Marxism. The following articles by Lenin were published in this journal: "Casual Notes", "The Persecutors of the Zemstvo and the Hannibals of Liberalism", "The 'Critics' on the Agrarian Question" (the first four chapters of The Agrarian Question and the 'Critics of Marx'"), "Review of Home Affairs", The Agrarian Programme of Russian Social-Democracy, as well as Plekhanov's articles "Criticism of Our Critics. Part I. Mr. P. Struve in the Role of Critic of the Marxian Theory of Social Development", "Cant versus Kant, or the Testament of Mr. Bernstein" and others.