Algeria 1945

Common Declaration of the Socialist and Communist Parties of Algiers

Source: Alger Républicain, June 8, 1945;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike)

A month after the events in Setif, the Communist and Socialist parties in Algiers issued a common appeal.

The Socialist and Communist Parties, meeting on June 7, 1945, bow before the victims fallen in the Department of Constantine during the events of May 8,1945.

They declare themselves to be in agreement in demanding that those responsible for these sad events be sought and severely punished, no matter how highly placed they might be.

They also call for the punishment of any unjustified act of repression that touched the innocent.

They denounce the activities of fascist agitators who attempt by any and all means to separate Muslims and Europeans in this country.

More particularly, they denounce the maneuvers that tend:

  1. To suppress the exercise of democratic and union freedoms;
  2. To exploit the discontent caused by poverty to drag certain parts of the population into criminal adventures;
  3. To slow down the complete application of the ordinance of March 7 and install an authoritarian regime inspired by fascism.

The Socialist and Communist Parties vigorously protest the motion of the European Section of the Financial Delegations that call for the suppression of democratic liberties and the creation of civic guards based on Hitler’s S.S.

It puts the two Algerian populations — European and Muslim — on guard against fascism’s new attempt to create two blocs opposed to each other in Algeria for the sole profit of those who — be they European or Muslim — impose their will on the country.

The Socialist and Communist parties declare that they will oppose with all their strength any act that will tend towards the separation of Algeria from the metropole, because the greatest interest of the Algerian populations is that it remains united to the people of France in the common struggle against the agents of the trusts and of fascism.

Consequently, they call for:

  1. A more serious purge of the administration at all levels, and the definitive and total elimination from the civil service of all those who were accomplices or propagandists for Vichy;
  2. Rapid measures to increase production, improve provisioning and effectively fight against the black market;
  3. The complete application of the ordinance of March 7, the indispensable preamble to the installation of a truly democratic organization in Algeria;
  4. The announcing of the date of municipal elections in Algeria.

The Communist and Socialist parties urgently appeal to all democrats so that, in spite of difficulties and provocations, the fraternal union of Europeans and Muslims be reinforced, a union indispensable in order that the Algeria of tomorrow be worthy of the NEW FRANCE, for the advent of which the people have agreed to so many sacrifices.

For the Algiers Region branch of the Communist Party


For the Algiers federation of the Socialist Party